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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's been a while...

I'd like to begin by apologizing for not posting in a while.  My computer stopped working, I thought I had it fixed, then it broke again.  I've been told that it's most likely the motherboard or processor, both of which can be spendy to fix.  We're trying to figure out a way to remedy the sitch without footing the bill to get a new one.  We're hoping I can get by with an iPad...which we got for school purposes.  Hopefully that will be all we need.  Speaking of which, does anyone know of any homeschool tracking apps that are really good.  I am currently trying Homeschool Helper and ilessons.  I'm learning both and am not sure which is better or if there's something way better out there that I'm not aware of.      Any suggestions?  Feedback on the above mentioned apps, good or bad?

Now, on to school.  We are still going...well into JULY.  We fell so far behind during the year with sick days.  We're mostly doing SWR and math...sprinkled with a little Science here, Geography there, and of course, Character Building and Bible.

I'm not going to put all of the lessons that we've done since the last post since that would take forever for me to do and forever for you to read.  I'll just say this:

Language Arts:  Spell to Write and Read
We just finished the A-E-I-O-U page and started spelling list F.  Evan's now able to read words with markings quite well.  He hasn't begun reading books yet but if all goes as planned (after the plan changed) he'll be starting his first readers by August.

Math:  Right Start Kindergarten B
We haven't had a math lesson in a couple of weeks because we're further behind with SWR so we're trying to even out the playing field.  

Character Building:  Prudence and the Millers
We're truckin' our way through the book, slowly but surely.

Bible:  The Beginner's Bible
Today's lesson was about listening (the Mary and Martha story), which couldn't have come at a more perfect time...of course God's timing is ALWAYS perfect.

Science:  God's Wonderful Works
We just learned about bears and primates.

Geography:  Beginning Geography 
We've been learning about how to use symbols on maps.

Readiness Skills:
We've completed Readywriter

Evan will resume swim lessons tonight after taking a break for several months.  I noticed at the beach that he really lacks confidence in the water...even though he knows how to swim.  Owen will be starting his lessons for the first time next Tuesday.  He's pretty excited about that.  He didn't lack any confidence at the beach...he lacked restraint.  

On another note, I'm both excited and nervous because I am now a contracted tutor for Classical Conversations for the 2013/2014 school year.  It should be a fun experience!

I plan to start Owen on some sort of a preschool plan for the 2013/2014 year.  I don't know yet what that will entail but I know I'll have to get creative because that cute little stinker doesn't like to sit still longer than a couple of minutes.  

Speaking of Owen, he had surgery last Tuesday for an epigastric hernia.  It was very scary for us, knowing that they were going to be using general anesthesia.  Owen did way better than we expected and was really quite hilarious on the pre-surgery meds.  He was very grumpy afterward, but his pain was minimal.  He's healing quite nicely.  

So that's, in a nutshell, what we've been up to.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Valentine’s Day 2013

As you may have read in a previous Valentine’s Day post of mine, I love finding ways to tie God in with the holidays.  This year I did a scavenger hunt again (the boys LOVE them).  I did this one a touch different though.  I found some super cute printable cards here.  They have the “How do I love thee, let me count the ways” theme.  I wrote on each of them a different thing that Jeff and I love about the boys.  On the back, I put bible verses found here that go along with conversation hearts.  I found some cute little plastic heart shaped containers at the dollar store (I think there were 10 in a pack).  I wrote a conversation heart saying on top of each that went along with the verses.  Then, I filled each one with a couple of goodies.  I hid the cards around the house with the matching heart and the kids had to find them…it was random, there were no clues.  Once they found them and we read them, they were led to their final destination which had lots of goodies.  I think I spent under $10 for ALL of the stuff they got this year…maybe closer to $5.   The boys loved every second of it!

Here are the cards with their hearts:

Card 1, front




Card 2, front




Card 3, front




Card 4, front




Card 5, front




Card 6, front




Card 7, front




The final SURPRISE:


In the bowls were my simple way of making white chocolate covered strawberries.  I just sliced the strawberries up and drizzled some melted white chocolate over the top.  Then I put a Valentine sugar cookie heart the I made in the bowl.  Super easy and super yummy!


I also made some cheesecake pancakes for the boys that day.  I didn’t think they tasted all that great but the boys didn’t seem to have a problem Winking smile.


Evan and I made the fun little bags pictured below for his friends at Classical Conversations but we were sick and couldn’t pass them out ourselves.  Jeff dropped them off and our director passed them out for us.  I found the idea for the “for crayon out loud” idea here.  I thought it was quite clever and I just had to use it.


I  hope you all had a Valentine’s Day filled with love and joy!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekly Report- 2/1/13

Classical Conversations:
Age of Industry to Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition
The civilizations of Mesoamerica
We watched Mayan Empire Documentary Part 1
Africa (Waters)
3 more helping verbs
1st Declension Noun Endings
The area of a rectangle
The 4 kinds of volcanoes. 
We made a volcano at home.  I just taped a regular empty water bottle to the inside of a plastic dish.  Then I shaped Play-Doh around it.  I put some baking soda in the bottle, several teaspoons.  I filled another water bottle (about 1/2 full) with vinegar, red food coloring and a touch of liquid dish soap.  Then I quickly poured it down the center (into the bottle) of the volcano.  I would have used more red coloring if I had known it would turn out pink…although I’m not sure it would have made a difference.  Evan loved it nonetheless.  I would have made it more of a mountain shape but I didn’t have enough Play-Doh to work with.  Owen missed out because he was napping but I might just do it again so he can see it too.
We watched The Magic School Bus Blows Its Top.  We also watched the following videos on YouTube.
Plate Tectonics
Volcano Eruption Mount St. Helens May 18, 1980 USGS
Fine Arts:
Evan did his presentation on Mt. Aconcagua.  He enjoyed playing with our interactive globe while finding where it was located.  Owen had fun with it too.
Outside of Classical Conversations:
Developmental/Readiness Skills:  Developing the Early Learner, Readywriter
Evan has finally completed all four of the series with the following assignments being the last two.
  • Comprehension/Awareness
  • Comprehension/Language
Evan has completed level 10.  It definitely made his hand work.  He complained of it hurting and being tired by the end of the worksheet.
Science:  God’s Wonderful Works
  • What was the Earth Like In the Beginning- The activity suggested was to use a globe and a flash light in a dark room (in our case, the bathroom).  We put a sticker in the area where we live.  Then we set the flash light to shine on the globe.  As we turned the globe we noted when it was day and when it was night where we live.
  • The Spirit of God, Giver of Life
  • God Created the Light
  • What Is Light- We used water and food coloring to demonstrate how light moves.  I won’t give instructions for this as it didn’t seem to do what it was supposed to…it still looked neat though.
  • How God Created Light
  • Jesus Is the Light of the World
  • God Saw That It Was Good
Math:  Right Start Math Kindergarten A
We have completed all of the lessons for Kindergarten A and will begin work on Kindergarten B, Lord willing, on Monday.
  • Lesson 73- Quarters
  • Lesson 74- Tessellations and Octagons
  • Lesson 75- Introducing Fractions
  • Lesson 76- Solving Problems
  • Lesson 77- Geometric Solids
Language Arts:  Spell to Write and Read, First Language Lessons
I gave Evan a quiz on the phonograms.  We still have some work to do before he’s ready to move on.  We continued to work on learning the phonograms.
  • Poem Narration
  • Nouns, verbs, and pronouns
  • Copy work- He really does a great job copying, even though he can’t read what he’s writing yet.  We still work on sounding out the words that he’s writing.  Once he can recognize all of the phonograms he’ll be good to go.  He’s about 1/2 way there.  I’m really in no rush.  As far as age goes, he wouldn’t even be in Kindergarten yet if he was in public school so I feel like we’re ahead of the game anyway.
  • Months and days review
  • Initials review
  • Abbreviations
  • Titles of respect
  • In the Fire
Outside of school:
My sister had a Pinterest Spa Party last weekend.  If you’re looking for something fun to do with your girlfriends and you need a break from life, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing this!  We had a great time.  Just click the link to see what we did as well as a few recipes for our spa fun and a couple of delish brunch recipes Smile

On a side-note, special thanks to all of my Pinterest friends that have been pinning my Valentine's Day Love Scavenger Hunt post.  It's had over 13,000 views alone this past month!  You all are AWESOME!

Feel free to check out my Link Ups page to see the great places this post is linked to.
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